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January 18, 2020

More Partying in Guangzhou

Given the screwup yesterday, this time I just bought a ticket at the train station in Hong Kong and easily got a train back to Guangzhou then to my hotel.  It was time for another nap, then another big party at Zapata's on Party Pier that turned out to be nothing short of epic.

As usual, things went sideways.

Party Pier
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The next day I did a ton of walking around trying to withdraw RMB cash from the ATM with my Hong Kong card.  The goal was to pay all my friends back in China.  To do that I would deposit the cash into a Chinese account and then siphon into my Wechat.  In theory this should be easy, but I spent over 2 hours walking and tried up to 10 ATMs because they were all out of cash.  Apparently they had all been drained before Chinese New Year Holiday.  

I sure wish I had a bicycle at that point, because walking was becoming tiresome real fast.  But it all got done and all my friends were paid back.

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