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February 23, 2020

Day 6:  Onwards

Pattaya to Bowin

Now that some sort of way forward had been reached with multiple confirmations from friends and family that I was making the right decision to quit, I felt better and could start to make some progress on the road.  My father (who later passed away) also backed the quitting decision, and probably wondered why it took so long for me to figure it out.  

But the biking out of Pattaya didn't happen right away, I stalled after meeting more China virus exiles like myself at another social event.

Pattaya. Feels like home.
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How about a proper Hooters sendoff
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Leaving town. It looks chaotic but Pattaya isn't very big. The countryside was easily reached in an hour.
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It was a nice easy ride out of town.  I had no idea where to go exactly, but the plan was to vaguely reach the Cambodian border as best I could.  There were plenty of random stops on the way out of town and since I already left at 3pm there wasn't a good chance I'd get very far today.

Nice random cafe run by a guy from California and his Thai wife.
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Got as far as Route 331 and off we go
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They really are building a high speed rail line to Pattaya and Rayong.
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While biking, I got a surprise message from my tutoring boss back in Shanghai who wanted me to do some online math tutoring on the spot.  Like literally right now.  Not wanting to turn down about $150 worth of work that could literally pay for 10 Thai hotels, I said sure, send me the questions.  The math questions were hard as fuck, and I hadn't seen some of this material in years but I said let's start it in an hour.  

With that arranged, I quickly found a random hotel for the night, got set up, learned all the math quickly, and then did the lesson plan online.  Now if only it was always like this.

Post tutoring reward
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Today's ride: 42 km (26 miles)
Total: 426 km (265 miles)

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