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February 19, 2020

Day 3: Si Racha to Chonburi

Then Bus to Bangkok

After a delicious morning breakfast and another late start, it was the same pattern as yesterday, somehow drag myself out to the road and do another mere 30km to the Chonburi bus terminal and then pack it in.  I just wasn't finding the motivation here.  It didn't make sense.

[Update November 2022]  Actually it did.  Even at these very early stages, covid was draining and exhausting.  It would lead to major upheaval on multiple layers.

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Well that's handy
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The task was to find a bus that would get me back to Bangkok.  I got somewhat lucky in that they could sell me a ticket and they reassured me it was a "big bus" but I was getting skeptical because I haven't seen many of these big buses recently.  I know they used to exist on the Bangkok-Chonburi route but they likely switched to minibuses.  Sure enough my suspicions were confirmed when the dreaded minibus showed up.  Thankfully it wasn't full and the driver was cool, he just said haul the bike on the bus without a charge.  

I decided more chilling was in order in Bangkok and found a nice little resort place near the bus drop-off station 

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Today's ride: 30 km (19 miles)
Total: 180 km (112 miles)

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