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Adventure with Practicality

It's amazing how important cash flow is and when the flow isn't going quite right, there needs to be some motivation to improve things.  That's the main idea for this trip, and of course the bicycle will be necessary to to save money and bike some of the distances involved.

First of all, I live in China which makes it quite a chore to manage cash flow into or out of the country.  There is a major disconnect with the economies whether you're inside or outside China, and this is especially true because I get paid in dollars for my full time job into an account outside of the mainland.  However, we all need to live and survive, and for that there needs to be a stream of RMB cash, i.e the currency used within China.  But due to the disconnect, it is very hard to rely on my full time job and other income sources for RMB and so most of the time it has been part time work to get that flow going.  Still, for big ticket expenses which come up from time to time, there needs to be a better cash flow system.

As bad luck would have it, almost all the banks I deal with outside of the mainland stopped being functional for getting RMB from the ATM.  One of them in Canada froze my debit card and required a branch visit.  The credit card abroad was also mysteriously blocked from being used.  And the other cards were my own careless mistakes as I lost them and will require trips to replace.  

Everything was all set for a bike ride through the desert from Los Angeles to Las Vegas but the plan ended up being scuttled at the last minute due to these cash flow issues and will be spending more time trying to get a system going.   But I figure why not make lemons out of lemonade.  Since I'll be in the area, I'm going to venture down to Mexico and open a US dollar account which pays good interest.  The rest of the trip will be hopping from one country to the next to sort out all my stuff with the banks.

The last two weeks will be where most of the cycling takes place in Thailand.  As for all the other details, well stay tuned, it's gonna be an epic adventure with a practical purpose to it all.

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Scott AndersonHey, good luck this time! Are you planning on going through Death Valley this time? It’s an incredible place. We’ll be there ourselves next month.
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9 months ago
Steve RuelleHi Scott thanks. Actually I ended up changing things a bit and the focus of the trip is more on Thailand now. Besides cashflow problems, I wasn't up to the idea of dealing with things going wrong in the desert, and will out that ride off unfortunately
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8 months ago