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May 4, 2023

Frossay to Pornic

May the fourth go with you. And it does, though we have to cycle into it too.

Leaving Frossay on the flash trail we came in on, we’re soon speeding towards St Brevin Les Pins. The trail takes us along the canal that was built in the late 19th century, to relieve traffic on the Loire. It served its purpose until the cost of its maintenance was more than that of dredging the Loire. Paimboef has an interesting playground made up of rough planks of wood such as might have come from an old sailing vessel of some sort.

Leaving in the sunshine.
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The playground- for young and old.
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A grand house along what was once a busy canal
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From here we embark on massively long, straight section of trail directly out towards the St Nazaire Bridge. The bridge looks pretty spectacular but I’m pleased we didn’t have to cycle over it, though many have.

The ride towards the bridge seems endless and into a head wind,  and in the end, ( Ann blames the distraction of a conversation with a motorcyclist at one stop), and we turn off prematurely. We’ve caught a good look at the bridge from a distance but riding under it may have been a thrill. We also miss the  ‘turn the corner ‘ part of the EV route , where the Loire meets the  Atlantic. 
A memorial to the American effort in this area reminds me of the British Navy’s raid here in 1942 which blocked the river entrance to future German shipping  and forced them to run the gauntlet in the La Manche.

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Long range view of St Nazaire bridge in background. Looks much higher than the Auckland Harbour Bridge.
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From going “ off list” at Corsept,  we find our way down to the EV  again at Les Rochelet and into L’Ermitage and St Michel Chef-Chef. Great name. Here we lunch in the place de l’eglise, next to the St Michel biscuits outlet. And what a popular outlet it is. People are walking away with armloads of boxes of biscuits, and gift baskets of goodies.  It it cheaper to buy this way or is it simply a local movement?

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We then find a cycle way to Pornic. Ann and Komoot do a wonderful job finding the way to our accommodation, another Moulin, out of town on the busy D13, the route to Pornic. 
Our host is a very affable chap, Jean-Michel. He has a Border Collie which loves playing football - with a large ball too. Jean -Michel has been a pilot and we discuss some of the aircraft he has pictured around the room.  All those years reading about WW2 aircraft have paid off! He’s also a fan of gangster movies and has the stars from Belmondo to DeNiro pictured around the wall of his dining area. 

Although the day has only been a 48km one, for some reason we’re both completely whacked and after a small repast of bread and cheese and yogurt and fruit- findings at the super U. Oh maybe the small bottle of Cab Sav did it - suffice to say we were gone by 8:30pm!

Today's ride: 48 km (30 miles)
Total: 599 km (372 miles)

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