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Background Info

Hello and welcome to another grand adventure. My name is Jeremy, and I'll be your guide as you vicariously join me on my journey from Vista, California to...ahem...Vista, California along the much-venerated Stagecoach 400 bikepacking route. Ready yourself for miles of mostly mundane commentary interspersed with moments of reflection as I traverse mountain roads, navigate through suburban sprawl, and cross the desert washes that define the Southern Californian landscape.

This will be my fourth extended tour, the previous three being the TransAmerica Bike Trail, the Pacific Coast Bike Route, and the Idaho Hot Springs Mountain Bike Route. This tour will not only be a spectacular way to spend a spring break, but also serves two other purposes: preparing me for my upcoming participation in the 2021 Stagecoach 400 bikepacking race; and training for my summer tour along the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route from Canada to Mexico. I've never been one for restful vacations, if you can tell.

So, with that all said and done, let's check out the route, prep some gear, and get pedaling!

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