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May 17, 2020

A Path to Popularity

After having survived an attempted theft in Cambodia last year, and more recently being rescued out of a potential lockdown in Isaan Thailand, the Montague spent the better part of two months in safety in my apartment. Meanwhile I used a cheaper bike to get around the city and attend various group fitness classes, sometimes twice a day.  Eventually it was time to take the Montague out.

The Montague comes out of hibernation
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The first thing needed was to air up the tires.  A small repair shop did the trick, and the guys were super rude after doing the job.  I wanted to buy a lock for the bike but before could even inquire, they said "Go away" and swatted at me to leave.  That shop is now out of commission for future air refills.  No offense taken, it's just that they don't like foreigners much these days after the pandemic.  I completely understand and try not to take it personally.  On that note, I had pre-purchased a hand pump for airing up the tires myself in case more and more shops would refuse service.

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Starting off on the ferry
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Once on the other side of the river, there was a newly constructed closed-circuit bicycle and joggers track that runs the length of the river.  It is unknown exactly where it begins and ends or how far it goes for that matter.  The aim for today was to traverse about 15km between two ferry points.

I was surprised to find a lot of services including coffee shops and restaurants on the track and you could basically stop off and chill at any number of them.  The track continued to traverse the riverside and most interesting were the routes taken around the former EXPO 2010 site.  Since it was a closed circuit trail, they had strictly limited entry points and no scooters could make it on.  These points were mostly manned checkpoints and they also had security keeping order at the congested spots of which there were many.

The track would continually climb and descend over bridges that made for a lot of variety and keeping alert to watch for all the other cyclists and pedestrians.  It was a dynamic sort of obstacle course that kept the brain working.

Brand new dedicated bike trail
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What on earth is that?
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Nice one
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It was not exactly relaxing Sunday touring because of the constant need to keep alert for all the people.  Many would walk haphazardly across the track, and further down there was a parking lot full of cars that added to picknickers using the grass areas and kids off wandering onto the track.  So you had to be super careful the entire time and the crowds did not thin out further along.

It became clear this track was not designed for commuting.  As for touring, it raised some questions, namely how far does this thing go?  If this track runs for many kilometers along the Huangpu River well beyond the central areas of Shanghai then this could make for an excellent entrance to the city or exit.

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There wasn't time to find out as the second ferry crossing came along as planned.  I crossed again back to the same side on which I started, then reversed course on the other side of the river using regular roads.  

But the unknown length of how far this track goes on south beckons for the next tour to find out.

Today's ride: 35 km (22 miles)
Total: 35 km (22 miles)

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