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August 19, 2018

Post ride adjustment

This re-entry thing is hard! We finished our ride a little over 3 weeks ago and we're still getting used to "normal" life. After being with each other essentially 24/7, it's an adjustment NOT being with each other 24/7. Despite the really tough days, there was a simple routine and rhythm to our ride. What's our route today, where is water, what snacks do you want in your bag, where are we staying tonight and do they have laundry, what's for dinner, where is beer? We didn't watch the news, barely turned on the tv if there was one, and let our minds wander and focus on the road , the scenery and each other. It was hard. It was rejuvenating. It was us. 
I talked to a woman today who has aspirations of doing a cross country ride. She said there's no way she could get that much time off from work and I realized how blessed I am to work at a practice that would allow me to do this incredible adventure. That being said, if they'd have said no, I still would have gone. Life is short. You never know what's around the corner. I know I acknowledged them before, but thank you Heath and Marc Gilbert. I hope you and everyone who has followed this adventure will do the same for yourselves. This was a "once in a lifetime" experience, but it won't be our last. Live and love your life. Make it what YOU want it to be.

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