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An idea

In 2014, I finished a 5 month bicycle tour in Salt Lake City, having cycled in the Northern Rockies and finally through Yellowstone. I ended this tour by taking Amtrak back to Los Angeles via Denver, so I saw some of Colorado and ever since I have wanted to return to see Colorado properly.

After thinking about the weather I realised  it made more sense to spend August in the higher elevated areas of Colorado before visiting the Mickelson Trail in South Dakota before looping back to visit southern Utah during October. I'm aiming to visit as many National Parks as I can.

I plan on getting Amtrak to Glenwood Springs after having flown into LAX from Australia and taken the Coast Starlight to Oakland. I'm  also looking at riding a few tourist trains in Colorado. 

While for the end of my tour it really depends on when I get to Cedar City. I can either get a bus to  Los Angeles to fly home to Australia or cycle north to Salt lake City and use Amtrak to get back to Los Angeles.

Does any have any feedback on my route? 

Green=Rail Trail, Red=August Yellow=September Blue=October
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