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January 18, 2020

Haulien City

a train ride after a morning's work

The focus in my English class this morning is ecotheraphy and biophilia, which is quite pertinent as it won't be long before a train takes me to bucolic Haulien, where I'll be getting some ecotherapy myself.

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It's just gone one when I haul a large black Nylon bag containing my panniers and saddlebag over my right shoulder, walk the short distance to the train station, where I use the machine to buy a ticket for the 30-minute ride up to Shulin. There's ten or 15 minutes to spare and the digital display thankfully says the 1:22 is running just a minute behind schedule.

It's two and a half hours to get to Haulien, but it seems longer and the sky is getting dark when I walk out of the station's front entrance and turn right to the baggage office to collect my bike. 

The hotel is only a couple of minutes' ride away and the price the woman at reception quotes me doesn't include breakfast. She tells me there's no window, so I ask for a room that has one and she then says it'll be teh same price - NT$1,400. My bike is parked in the tennis-court-sized foyer.

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The room is OK and when I look out the window there a big 7-Eleven on a nearby corner, just across the other side of the wide street which leads west to the Pacific Ocean. 

Today's ride: 4 km (2 miles)
Total: 4 km (2 miles)

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