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February 16, 2019

It's All Over But the Cycling!

I had hoped and planned to end this epic 228 day journal with a photo of Dodie cycling off into the dawn. Things have gone exceptionally well, and in principle I could stage such a shot any time now. The only thing, Nature stepped in to fool with my master plan by dumping a foot and a half of snow  on our heads. More importantly, it dumped that also on all our cycling roads. Ever adaptable, I am substituting that cycle shot with an equally amazing snow shoveling shot. The message of either is the same - we are ready to go!

The invalid emerges! (Note that stable left foot forward).
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Once you are on your feet and have fought your way from the door, what does a Grampie do? Of course, it heads for MEC (Mountain Equipment Co-op). So here is Dodie going through their stock of water bottles and  holders. Our world has returned to normal!

Once a trip to MEC happens, the open road is coming soon!
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When we say "Our world has returned to normal", sure it means water bottles at MEC, but it also means we bought our tickets for Paris. And we are leaving darn soon! After a short visit in Montreal, we will land in Paris March 19. And then what? We thought you would ask! Now is the time togo over and check out the first entry, anyway, in the new blog Grampies Track the Tortes. We are subtitling it "and Other Culinary Delights of Austria, Czech, and Germany". 

After months on the bench, we both desperately need to lose weight. So what's with the "Culinary Delights"? Well who said these blogs need to be logical? But yes, we will take care to cut those delights in half and share. Anyway, go start to read "Track the Tortes"!

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