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March 23, 2015

Home again, home again.: Refreshed!

My room had a nice little easy chair. I spent the evening sitting in it instead of the usual hotel approach of piling pillows behind my back to sit up. I had taken the nice quilt off of bed upon arriving and admired the down duvet and pillows.

When I went to bed last night, it was lovely. I believe the bed also had a down pad. Down duvet, PERFECT down pillows. My friend Cathy (allergic to down) would have been in misery. I quickly fell asleep. You know the problem about not sleeping in your own bed? Things aren't adjusted to suit. Soon, I was too warm. I kept moving to a cool part of the bed, sticking a foot or arm out. Tossing this way and that. Finally I woke up enough to toss the duvet to one side. Still too warm. Somewhere in the night I unplugged the electric heater. You've got it - then I was too cold. Sigh. Let's just say I didn't sleep as well as I expected.

I was awake at 7 AM this morning, debating the balance between riding in cold temperatures and riding against a headwind. The computer said a balmy 36 degrees in Redstone. Then I noticed that the temperature is actually for Sunlight Mountain, a ski area. I check the next town down the road, Carbondale. Their temperature also comes from Sunlight. What they heck? I guess I can see little 92 person Redstone not having a weather station, but Carbondale? I will just have to get out there and start riding.

I had an apple half for breakfast. I'll stop in either Carbondale or Glenwood for a breakfast burrito. I gave up wheat over a year ago and have lost over 50 pounds with no other dietary changes. I seldom, seldom cheat on the no wheat thing. My last cheat was pizza on Christmas Eve. Then the two burritos yesterday. Seemingly no ill results on my digestive system. I could have one more burrito? It's more the scale I'm afraid of than my stomach, truthfully.

OK - going to get on the road home.

A small child did not dress me. I picked these clothes all by myself.
There is a saying in Spanish that roughly translates, "He who is warm, even if others laugh." That would be me today.
What really makes the outfit and isn't obvious here is the bright orange leggings. A true fashion statement.
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Jonathan came out to see me off. He said the lodge thermometer registered 33 degrees this morning, much warmer than usual. He was quite concerned about my being warm, but I felt well prepared. I was off at 8:20. I thought I might get caught in the down valley commuter traffic, but had the road pleasantly to myself for the nine miles to the bike path. Yes!

Rural mail delivery.
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When the sun catches up to me, I bet my fingers will get warm.
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Today I took a photo of the marble sculptures at the KOA. This is where the bike path starts. Yay!
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Mount Sopris looks threatening in this photo. Luckily, on my left I could see blue skies and sunshine.
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I debated stopping to eat in Carbondale at Dos Gringos. They were so conveniently located right on the bike path. I'm terrible about stopping once I get going. Yesterday Julie had some cookies to feed to the goats as we passed by. She noted that I seemed to be in a hurry and probably didn't want to stop. Guilty. I pretty much like to keep pedaling. Especially when those dark clouds are overhead.

I ended up deciding it was only 10 more downhill miles to Glenwood, I would stop at Los Jilbertos to eat. As I was waiting for the signal to cross Highway 133, I heard a small 'tink' noise. I didn't think anything of it, as it was my turn to go. Luckily there was a man right behind me who called out that I'd lost my flag. Otherwise who knows how many miles I might have gone before noticing it was missing? I guess I didn't get in inserted in the sleeve all the way this morning. Typically I don't have issues.

A mere hour down the road, the clouds have shifted around. This is nicer.
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I was happy to making such quick progress and also sad. This was the best section of the day coming up. Ten miles of pleasantly downhill bike path. I certainly was ready for that potty at MM 8.5! I wasn't especially hungry by the time I hit Glenwood, but knew I'd better eat something as I anticipated the headwind picking up and I'd need the energy.

At the end of the path in Two Rivers Park I took the very nice pedestrian bridge to the right, heading up to Highway 6. I would ride the highway to Jilbertos in West Glenwood rather than going through all of the round abouts. There was a bicycle path, but it was a sorry excuse for a path. Quite strange for Glenwood with their other top notch paths. I ended up on the highway upon seeing the section where the pavement had eroded away (or been covered up) with dirt.

What the heck, I ordered another burrito rather than buying a plate of food. It certainly was tasty - nothing like 30 miles of riding to work up an appetite! I ate half and saved half. Ironically, I still had a half an apple that had made the round trip and was going home with me.

I didn't waste time getting outside. There's generally a west wind anyway in the afternoon. Today the forecast said 20 mph.

I made double sure my Dinotte Light was on bright/fast blinking mode and took off for the interstate portion of the day. I don't know what was up. I almost stopped to see what was wrong. I could tell I still had my flag. I hadn't lost that again. I was very puzzled by all of the vehicles who were giving me friendly honks. No, not blaring honks. Nice honks. First a big semi, from the passing lane where he had moved. Then four cars. Only one had bicycles on it. Then two motorcycles. Heck. Does everyone think I'm that deranged? I can't ever remember getting one friendly honk on the interstate, much less a whole series of vehicles. I exited with warm and fuzzy feelings towards my fellow man.

I also exited right into the headwind I expected. Ah, well. At least home was close. I kept slogging away, watching my MPH go lower and lower on the dead flat road. I was happy to be reasonably early as the wind started yanking my bike around just a mile or so from home. As I write this now, it is really gusting out there.

I had a fun overnight trip. I don't know what it is about staying somewhere else, even a close somewhere else that makes riding so much more fun than doing a big day, coming home, then doing another big day.

Thanks for reading. See you on the road.

Look at this sad door. It has been neglected for years. See the little yellow card?
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Someone has a sense of humor.
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Final stats for day two.
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Today's ride: 55 miles (89 km)
Total: 110 miles (177 km)

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