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American Redemption

A long, slow (attempted) ride between the ends of America

By Jeff Arnim
1,892 miles (3,045 km) over 39 days between Feb. 23, 2013 and Apr. 2, 2013

I. From Home

The American People heart 7
A Man, A Plan heart 2
The Last Time We Spoke heart 1
In Gear We Trust heart 1

II. Road Trip

Goodbye heart 2
Duct Tape and Broken Dreams heart 1
To Sylmar heart 3

III. California

Day 1: San Diego, CA to Chula Vista, CA heart 4
Day 2: Chula Vista, CA heart 1
Day 3: Chula Vista, CA to near Jamul, CA heart 1
Day 4: Near Jamul, CA to Pine Valley, CA heart 4
Day 5: Pine Valley, CA to Jacumba Hot Springs, CA heart 1
Day 6: Jacumba Hot Springs, CA to near Brawley, CA heart 1
Day 7: Near Brawley, CA to near Bombay Beach, CA heart 2
Day 8: Near Bombay Beach, CA to Cottonwood Campground heart 1
Day 9: Cottonwood Campground to White Tank Campground heart 3
Day 10: White Tank Campground to the Mojave Desert heart 2

IV. Arizona

Day 11: The Mojave Desert to Bouse, AZ heart 7
Day 12: Bouse, AZ to Salome, AZ heart 1
Day 13: Salome, AZ to Tonopah, AZ heart 2
Day 14: Tonopah, AZ to Glendale, AZ heart 6
Day 15: Glendale, AZ heart 2
Day 16: Glendale, AZ to Phoenix, AZ heart 1
Day 17: Phoenix, AZ to Tempe, AZ heart 2
Day 18: Tempe, AZ to near Florence, AZ heart 1
Day 19: Near Florence, AZ to near Winkelman, AZ heart 2
Day 20: Near Winkelman, AZ to Globe, AZ heart 1
Day 21: Globe, AZ to Thatcher, AZ heart 1
Day 22: Thatcher, AZ to Coal Creek Campground heart 2

V. New Mexico

Day 23: Coal Creek Campground to Apache National Forest heart 1
Day 24: Apache National Forest to Quemado, NM heart 2
Day 25: Quemado, NM to Pie Town, NM heart 1
Day 26: Pie Town, NM to near Magdalena, NM heart 1
Day 27: Near Magdalena, NM to near Carrizozo, NM heart 2
Day 28: Near Carrizozo, NM to Capitan, NM heart 1
Day 29: Capitan, NM heart 1
Day 30: Capitan, NM to Roswell, NM heart 1
Day 31: Roswell, NM to Tatum, NM heart 2

VI. Texas

Day 32: Tatum, NM to Muleshoe, TX heart 3
Day 33: Muleshoe, TX to Hereford, TX heart 1
Day 34: Hereford, TX to Amarillo, TX heart 3
Day 35: Amarillo, TX to Stinnett, TX heart 3
Day 36: Stinnett, TX heart 4

VII. Oklahoma

Day 37: Stinnett, TX to Guymon, OK heart 5

VIII. Kansas

Day 38: Guymon, OK to Elkhart, KS heart 4
Day 39: Elkhart, KS to Johnson City, KS heart 9