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September 16, 2019

The Green Mayenne

With apologies to 'The Blue Bayou': Angers to Laval

There's an inverse relationship, I've decided, between the eventfulness of the day and the interesting-ness of my journal. The day's dramas, though stressful to live through,  become entertaining anecdotes by the evening. Thankfully.

Following this rule, today's journal entry will be short on entertainment because.  . . nothing untoward happened. Nothing. At. All. I survived my supermarket visit without misplacing anything. The route contained no trickeries. But here goes.

We leave the hotel close to our planned 8.30am start and almost immediately find the path alongside the Mayenne. The day is set. Our trail appears to have started life as a towpath and is in very good condition for an unsealed surface, packed hard and coated in a fine grit. By the end of the day we are also coated in a fine grit. Where is Madame from the B&B when we need her?

As for the Mayenne, to call it slow-moving would be an insult to bodies of water that actually flow. It's overcome by lethargy. Not to mention a delightful Shrek shade of green. 

However, we enjoy the undemanding nature of today's ride and roll into Laval in the late afternoon heat. It's done.

To save you, dear reader, from the verbiage of thousands of words, I'll finish this with a few photos from today.

Another stately lock house on the Mayenne
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Bruce didn't have any luck winning over this donkey. It was more interested in eating, but . . .
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Dawn HunterGreat shot!
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2 years ago
. . .This horse was very keen on some human-whispering.
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Dawn HunterMust have understood English 😀
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2 years ago
Robyn RichardsTo Dawn HunterGood point! Horses are smart though.
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2 years ago
The Mayenne in all its greenery
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Today's ride: 96 km (60 miles)
Total: 1,487 km (923 miles)

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