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September 19, 2019

Mission accomplished

We've crossed France from east to west: Mont-St-Michel to St-Malo

There's a celebratory feel to today's ride. We feel as though the hard work has been done and all we need do is roll into St Malo this afternoon, just like the Tour de France peloton rolling ceremoniously down the Champs Élysees on their final day. Yes, exactly like that.

We start the day on quiet country roads, avoiding the tour buses getting an early start to their day at Mont St-Michel. Soon enough, we're back on to greenways until we reach the coast again. The colourful seaside town of Cancale is in the distance, its houses scattered across the headland.

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Did you know that the early Tour de France riders used to stop racing to have lunch? And probably a wine and a cigarette? Following their example (though passing on the ciggie), we seat ourselves at one of the many busy eateries for galettes et crêpes (pancakes and pancakes, basically). Most other diners are choosing the local specialty, mussels and oysters, out of the shell. Tiny mussels they are.

From here, St Malo is just across the headland. We're on busy roads to climb up and over the hill as well as for the satisfying downhill run to the port. With train tickets to buy and a bike shop to mooch around in, the afternoon takes care of itself.

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Dawn HunterLovely shot!
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2 years ago

Our ferry to Jersey takes us back in time. For one, the big catamaran reminds us of the fast cats that used to whizz across Cook Strait a decade or so ago. And then, of course, the clock goes back an hour when we leave France. 

Time will stand still for this journal while we enjoy our wee mini-break in Jersey. But we have more exciting adventures ahead of us in France, and a date with Jill and Brian in the Dordogne. Bring it on!

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Dawn HunterEnjoy your break you two!
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2 years ago

Today's ride: 71 km (44 miles)
Total: 1,720 km (1,068 miles)

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