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September 13, 2019


Orléans to Amboise

With a long ride today, and expected to be in high temperatures, we are justifiably pleased with ourselves to have farewelled Philippe and to be on the Loire path on the dot of 8am. It's a lovely cool morning and we're enjoying weaving amongst pedestrians on our way through the city.

Our apartment is part of a substantial building called Bellevue and built in 1826. Street art adorns the walls, including this clever rendition of its name.
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All of a sudden, though, Tour Leader is sprawled on the ground under his bike and surrounded by scattered pannier bags. His front wheel has just nudged a raised kerb, sending him over. We take a few minutes to collect ourselves, and to reassure passersby that, yes, he seems ok. (I now know what number to ring if Monsieur starts to act oddly. Could be useful.) Luck is on our side. He's collected just a few grazes. We travel on. 

The next Loire à Velo signpost assures us that Blois is exactly 50km away. Good, a possible late lunch stop then, halfway to our destination, Amboise. We have a friendly tail wind and good surfaces. All is well. Ten kilometers pass...and here's the Blois sign again. Wait. What? 52 kilometers? SOMEONE has stretched the distance from here to there by a dozen or so clicks. Gremlins at work, again.

I couldn't NOT say hello to the Château at Blois given the challenge to reach it. But it was an outside visit only. I prefer my châteaux more understated.
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And so it comes to pass.  . . our long day is extended beyond the 100 km milestone. And only my Garmin device is excited about this. We stop for a map check on the outskirts of Amboise. Not that I can read a screen, thanks to white flashes across my vision. A handy lamp post helps me to remain vertical. I've run out of juice.

We have tickets to visit Château du Clos Lucé, Leonardo da Vinci's home for the last three years of his life. It's a handsome building set in lovely grounds and tells a well-curated story of Da Vinci's time here. But it's  a cursory exploration. The chance to sit in the shade with an ice cream allows me to recharge sufficiently for a final ride/walk uphill to the very outskirts of Amboise where our accommodation awaits. 

If Da Vinci could design helicopters, tanks , machine guns and cars, of course he could envisage a bike!
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Dawn HunterOh dear! Visitors staying meant I hadn't caught up with your travel! What a day this was for you both. Glad Bruce's fall wasn't any worse! You are doing so amazingly Robyn! I would have had white spots before my eyes in the first 20kms! Hopefully signposts are more accurate here on in! I adored going to a deVinci exhibition in Venice. How special visiting his home!
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2 years ago
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Today's ride: 116 km (72 miles)
Total: 1,204 km (748 miles)

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Jill BrinsleyOh my goodness. Everything about that is scary: a fall, too many miles, needing a lamppost for support. Hope you are both quietly resting and recovering.
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2 years ago
Robyn RichardsTo Jill BrinsleyDoing our best! Have managed to stay awake during dinner, just.
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2 years ago