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March 30, 2022

Packing list

One of the common questions I get is what I am bringing with me on my trip. Below are the details of what I am bringing. You can also access a spreadsheet that contains my entire packing list including weights and prices of most items. Packing list as Google Sheet or list as Excel Spreadsheet


The bike weighs 36 pounds without my gear. Here are the weights of my 5 bags without food and water

  • Rear panniers - 20.4 lbs
  • Front panniers - 8.5 lbs
  • Trunk bag - 4.8 lbs
  • Handlebar bag - 4.1 lbs

Total gear weight without food and water is 37.8 lbs with 67% in the rear and 33% in the front

The Bike

When I turned 50 I purchased a LeMond Poprad which is a cyclecross bike. It works great on roads and trails and I used it on a 420 mile bike tour where we stayed in hotels. When I hit a steeper hill with this bike I have to stand on the pedals due to its high gearing. I knew this bike would not work well for a cross country tour so I purchased a Trek 520 in November of 2021. I was lucky to find this bike in my frame size from a local dealer during the pandemic. I outfitted the bike with:

  • 3 water bottle cages
  • Bontrager NCS fenders
  • Shimano PD-T8000 pedals
  • Bontrager rear mount kickstand
  • Topeak Pocket Rocket air pump
  • Sprintech road drop bar rear view mirror
  • Bontrager Ion 200RT/Flare RT light set
Her name is Ruby. "Ruby, Ruby, Ruby will you be mine, sometime" Dion and the Belmonts
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The Bags

Two back panniers, two front panniers, a trunk bag which goes on top of the back rack, and a handlebar bag will carry everything

From top left: Ortlieb Back Roller Classic & Front Roller Classic panniers, Arkel handlebar bag, Roswheel essential trunk bag
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Sleep system

My backpacking experience helped here leading to a lightweight and comfortable setup

From top left: Katabatic Alsek 22 quilt, Zpacks Duplex tent with poles and stakes, Sea to Summit Aeros Premium pillow in large, Thermarest NeoAir Xlite pad
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I have 4 items that need daily charging - iPhone 12 mini, Garmin Edge Explore GPS, and a Bontrager Ion 200 RT/Flare RT light set. This led me to purchase an Anker 737 Powerbank that has 4 USB ports. This will last 3-4 days charging all 4 devices until I need to recharge the powerbank itself. I will also be carrying a Kindle Oasis but its charge will last for at least 1-2 weeks.

From top left: Anker powerbank, Bontrager light set, Anker powerbank charger, Kindle Oasis, iPhone 12 mini, Garmin Edge Explore GPS, Apple Airpods Pro. Various USB cables are also pictured
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From top left: Shop wipes, two 700x38c tubes, Presta to Schrader valve adapter, chain lube, tire levers, air mattress repair kit, Topeak Smartgauge D2, zip ties, duct tape, bike tube patches, Tenacious tap, FiberFix emergency spoke, Crank brothers F15 multitool
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After much consideration I have decided not to take a stove and cooking equipment on this trip. I will rely on purchasing ready to eat food and restaurants for my meals. The dry sack will be used to carry food and the daypack to grocery shop. The water purification tablets will only be used in an emergency when I need to fill a water bottle from a stream or lake. I will be cold soaking oatmeal, ramen, couscous, and other food in the cold soak jar

From top left: Ultrasil dry sack 8L, titanium spork, three 24oz Podium water bottles, folding knife, water purification tablets, Litesmith 600ml cold soak jar, daypack
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George HallJust my opinion, but; you don't need the water purification tablets. In places where you might run short on water there is none water to purify. YMMV of course.
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4 months ago


I spent a lot time thinking about what clothing to bring. There is a perpetual debate in the bike touring community between merino wool shirts and synthetic bike jerseys. I decided to stick with merino wool since it does not stink after riding days on end and I did not need a storage pocket which a synthetic jersey affords. I choose bright colored clothing to be visible while riding.

Top to bottom: REI 185 long sleeve crew, Smartwool 150 long sleeve crew, Smartwool 150 T-shirt - 2, Showerpass 150 T-Shirt, Columbia Silver Ridge Lite long sleeve shirt (for off bike)
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I do not like traditional lycra/spandex/nylon close fitting bike shorts. They work fine on the bike while riding but feel out of place when walking into a restaurant or grocery store. I opted for padded liners and mountain bike shorts over them

From top left: Zoic premium liners - 2, Elevenpine liberator liner, Elevenpine Uprising shorts - 2, Bontrager Evoke bike shoe, Pearl Izumi Attack cycling gloves - half and full finger, Specialized Echelon II helmet
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I will certainly encounter wind, rain, and cold. When I wake up in the Rockies and Cascades the temperature even in the summer can dip to the low 40s

From top to bottom: Mountain Hardware Ghost Whisperer down jacket for cold, Pantagonia Houdini jacket for wind, Outdoor Research Helium rain jacket
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The wool theme continues with Smartwool biking socks, Darn tough hiker 1/4 cushion sock to wear with sneakers on cold mornings, and a Smartwool beanie cap. Off bike I have a choice of two different shoes and either shorts or long pants

From top left: Altra Lone Peak 6 shoes, Smartwool PhD run Ultra Light low cut socks - 4, Darn Tough hiker 1/4 cushion sock, Langof calf compression sleeves, Outdoor Research Swift cap, Bison Designs belt, Saucony Boston pant, Xero Z-Trail EV sandal, Smartwool NTS merino 150 beanie, Under Armour underwear - 2, Eddie Bauer Guide Pro shorts and pants
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I will be using zip up packing cubes to keep items organized. At times I will be riding with contacts in and using sunglasses. At other times I will ride without my contacts and use the prescription sunglasses. I am carrying some Rok straps just in case I need to lash anything else to my bike. While camping there are times I will have a campfire thus the ligther

From top left: packing cubes, bike lock, Petzl Tikka headlamp, Ray-Ban sunglasses - regular and prescription, Rok straps, paper & pen, Slimfold Micro Soft Shell wallet, Bic mini lighter
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Toiletries & First aid

Toiletry kit to carry everything, Sea to Summit Wilderness Wash, Pack Towel ultralight hand size, deodorant, razor, razor blades, toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, contacts, contact lens fluid, sunscreen, chamois cream, lens cleaning fluid and cloth, tweezers, Luekotape, acetaminophen, bandaids, nail clippers, cotton swabs, and small Swiss army knife


I purchased the map set of the Transamerica route from Adventure Cycling. This is a series of 12 maps that contain all kinds of details like services along the route, elevation gain/loss, and average high/low temperatures. In addition I am taking the following printed sheets all of which can be found in my Google Drive in case I want to view them via my iPhone

  • List of GPS files - I purchase the GPS file set for Transamerica from Adventure Cycling. This consists of 33 files; 12 for the main route and the remaining for alternates. The filenames are a bit cryptic so I created a spreadsheet describing each file. When I loaded these files into my Garmin GPS I gave each a more descriptive name
  • Map updates and corrections - a printed list that came from the Adventure Cycling website. Printed maps and GPS files are only updated every 3-4 years, this supplements them giving any changes or corrections
  • Riding conditions - another printed list that came from the Adventure Cycling website that describing road and traffic conditions
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Kelly IniguezYou have an excellent packing list - the photos are illustrative. Tell us about your training? have you loaded up and done an overnight trip? That one frequently brings second glances at the pannier contents!

I look forward to reading your journal.
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7 months ago
David HendersonTo Kelly IniguezI live in upstate NY outside of Rochester so my training through the winter consisted of indoor group cycle classes at my local YMCA as well as stretching and lifting. As the weather has gotten better I have been riding outside 2 days a week getting in 20-35 miles each day. I plan on doing a 50 mile ride later this week (second week of April). I have not done any of these rides with the panniers attached with weight in them. I am sure I will be getting rid of some items and adding other items as I cross the country
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7 months ago
B/C RobinsonYour packing list sounds very well planned. I will be interested to hear if you find items to discard as the miles pass by. --Bret
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7 months ago
David HendersonTo B/C RobinsonLook for me at about mile 500. I will reaching into my panniers to pull out stuff and chuck along the side of the trail to lighten the load :)
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7 months ago
B/C RobinsonTo David HendersonFor myself, my brother, and EVERY through-hiker we met on the AT, the effort to lighten our packs began in the first 50 miles of the trail. I still remember cutting the handles off of our toothbrushes, and once pages were read in our paperback books, those pages were used the next time we had to dig a cathole for a bathroom visit.
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7 months ago
Theresa GardnerYay to the Swiss Army knife!
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7 months ago