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April 9, 2015

Day 83-84 - Badly needed rest days

Remember that Spanish cyclist I met in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia? He passed through Wroclaw two weeks ago! At this rate, he's going to be back in Spain before I get out of Poland!

In Wroclaw, I slowly wandered around the centre. It's a nice place, if slightly under construction ahead of the city's European Capital of Culture designation for 2016. Though there are a lot of malls here, and I remember thinking while walking in Tarnow's suburbs how similar Poland's city outskirts are to my hometown (except that Poland has bike paths). This isn't a good thing, it means the growth is completely lacking in character. Come on, Poland, you had such a great start to build on, all your town centres are beautiful.

A couple of lazy rest days. I probably should have spent some more time working on the bike, but I was using it as a clothes drying rack. One of the benefits of buying a new bike is that it keeps working with only minimal attention.

And a much improved weather forecast. In fact, as I was walking home at night, something felt different, but not in a bad way. I soon realized what it was: the air was still.

Wroclaw's bike share program is either very successful or a total failure
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Righting a wrong
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This fountain is a bit out of place in the square
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Pedestrian and cyclist underpass; a bit different, but it works
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