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April 2, 2015

Day 77 - Trebic to Brno: Once a cheater, always a cheater

My legs said no.

I told them they didn't have a choice, but the rest of my body also said no. With a mutiny on my hands and another stupidly windy day ahead, I stayed in my room as long as possible, until it was too late to get to Brno on time (I had Couchsurfing hosts expecting me). Out of time, I could save face with myself because I now had no choice but to go to the train station. I also have a plane to catch and a lot of distance between here and there, so I have to keep moving, no matter how much I want spend a week in bed doing absolutely nothing. And I've exhausted my repertoire of rain-related songs to sing while riding, so there was really no way I could've pedalled today.

Is that enough justification for taking the train?

The train station was up an unbikeably steep hill, so it took me a while to get there, particularly as I was trying to be nice to all my muscles. I bought a ticket from a friendly, helpful woman who was interested in my trip. Sadly, we had no common language. She then inexplicably gave me a tourist brochure for Trebic.

Getting my loaded bike up the impossibly tall steps into the train was surprisingly easy. All I had to do was get stuck at the first step and suddenly the conductor was behind me, lifting the back of the bike. I parked the bike, taking up all the bike parking spaces in that car (you are supposed to hang your bike from the hooks provided), and settled in for the arduous 1.5 hour journey to Brno.

The scenery slid by effortlessly, the hills insignificant except for their aesthetic value, the wind and rain almost unnoticed. I was physically indifferent to everything that passed, separated as if I was only looking at a picture. It was so easy, I wondered if I could take the train everywhere else I wanted to go.

It was still early when I got to Brno, so I very slowly wandered around the centre, got rained on, and looked very much like a homeless person pushing a bicycle-shaped shopping cart. And that's pretty much exactly what I am, right?

[Photos are from tomorrow, April 3]

One of Brno's meeting spots. Apparently it's a clock.
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This is a Thursday before Easter tradition. Green beer?? Those crazy Czechs.
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