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March 16, 2015

Day 60 - Vrbov to Spisska Nova Ves: Perfect weather to sit outside and not bike

My legs weren't working again today. I realized some mild dehydration was contributing to the problem, caused by not drinking enough, caused by lack of toilet facilities, either natural or man-made. At any rate, I didn't have far to go and could rest a bit once I got there.

It wasn't that easy. First, I descended a large hill, only to have to climb right back up again, this time with trucks rushing by. Then, I stopped in Levoca to check out the well-preserved medieval walls and town square, and of course it was on top of a hill. I spent some time not moving on a bench in the square, then struggled the last 12km to Spisska Nova Ves, where I bought a great lunch from the Kebab House, then spent the afternoon on a bench in the square, getting sunburned. It wasn't actually that warm out, but there was a promise of future warmth, and that was good enough for me after I got off the bike. (On the bike it was a little annoying that the clouds were playing games with me, hiding the sun, then moving away right after I put on my jacket and gloves and started climbing.)

I also saw my first car accident, arriving at the same time as the police. One car had its front end smashed and windshield shattered; fortunately nobody was acting like it was serious. The disturbing bit was it happened on a straight stretch of road with dry pavement and good visibility--can't help but remind me how vulnerable I am.

This all seems very negative. It's not all that bad, I'm just tired. I intend to do nothing at all either tomorrow or the day after. Then, because I apparently like to be mean to myself, more mountains.

Climbing back up
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The Cage of Shame, Levoca
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Spisska Nova Ves
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Today's ride: 35 km (22 miles)
Total: 2,646 km (1,643 miles)

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