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March 8, 2015

Day 52 - Przmysl to Rzeszow: Rewriting the tourist brochure

Route 881 is a tranquil alternative to the busy E40 road.

This route takes you through picturesque, rolling farmland a never-ending series of steep, demoralizing hills.

While watching the scenery unfold, you can enjoy the sunshine and a refreshing breeze slight headwind.

Get a firsthand glimpse of how locals live in this southeast corner of Poland fast Polish people drive and feel relieved traffic is light enough that they can give you space.

For lunch, sample Polish cuisine at a local restaurant see nowhere to get a meal or even stop, and resort to eating dates at the side of the road.

Make a stop at Lancut to explore the museums highlighting the history of the aristocracy sit on a park bench for five minutes then hurry onward because the relentless hills have slowed you down.

Arrive at the hotel, relax Warmshowers host's place, talk at him incessantly because you haven't had a real conversation in two weeks, and wake up with plenty of energy for tomorrow's adventures completely shattered.

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Today's ride: 81 km (50 miles)
Total: 2,286 km (1,420 miles)

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