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May 6, 2015

Day 111 - to Parnu: Oh no, the Germans are coming

The weather decided it was tired of being nice and instead rained on me a bit in the morning and a lot more in the afternoon.

When I reached Estonia, the EV13 signs changed to EV10, but the method was the same: a lot of biking on the main road with some sections away from it. It was manageable because it wasn't windy, but there were a lot of trucks--half of them with Polish license plates! I took many breaks in bus shelters, once watching geese flying south, which confused me. All in all, just a day to get me closer to my flight.

Early in the day, I was passed by two men on bikes who greeted me in German and were much faster than I was. I saw them a few more times. The first time we stopped to chat was interesting because we were standing there, sizing up each other's bikes and gear. They were travelling light, and only on a two week trip. They invited me for dinner in Parnu, and after realizing all the local food places were closed, made a beeline for the German restaurant.

Their English wasn't great, their accents were strong, and I was raised on the Simpsons (back when the show was still good), so I found it impossible to keep a straight face when one of them mentioned, "He is from East Germany, I am from the west." That one moment made the day's rain completely worthwhile.

It struck me today that spring appears to be going backward now. Lithuania was all green and lush, but Latvia and Estonia are a couple weeks behind. I guess I can look at it way: I haven't had to deal with mosquitoes, etc.

The only photo I took today
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Today's ride: 97 km (60 miles)
Total: 6,008 km (3,731 miles)

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