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July 11, 2013

Cedaredge - Montrose, CO: The early bird gets to town by 10 AM

It was another early morning today. Short miles, but we were running scared since the heat caught us by surprise yesterday.

My credibility was running low, as I'd promoted yesterday's country ride. Between the heat and the climbs up/down assorted mesas, it had been a tougher day than expected. Now they weren't at all interested in my back roads. Straight to town, traffic be damned!

I talked fast and managed to get them to take the scenic route as far as Delta. I guaranteed all downhill and unusual scenery through the 'Dobies'. After that, our original route was more country riding - but it was nothing doing. Hwy 50 straight to Montrose, thank you very much.

All of the guys, except Jacinto who was still sleeping, and Cal who was busy organizing SAG stuff.
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Spoon and Tom admire the view of the 'dobies on the fun, fun downhill from Cedaredge to Delta. Anyone riding this direction - don't take Hwy 65. Yes, it will get you there (along with all of the car traffic) - take the backroad! It's more scenic and very little traffic.
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Crazyguy Tom Swanson. Tom had his 77th birthday while on tour. He rode every mile of the trip, strongly. Age is obviously just a number!
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Crazyguy Jerry Witherspoon, or Spoon. The bike is a Bacchetta CA-T2.
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I had been to the library and made everyone a copy of a detailed map. Cal was once again going ahead of us to mark the turns. It all went smoothly as it was easy downhill and the turns were very logical - just take the downhill road at the intersection.

Spoon and I rode together into Delta. This was our one good chance of the trip to talk and ride. Other days there was too much traffic and/or we were too busy panting while climbing.

Cal was waiting for us near town. Spoon and I were the last of the pack. I broke my sunglasses taking them off. It was good timing as we were only a couple of miles from town. I wear cheap safety glasses for the close fit. This pair had cost $4.00 and was new. I don't think I got my money's worth out of them.

Spoon and I rode a last few miles together, past my mother's house (she was sleeping at this hour) and past the Ute Council tree. I stopped in town at the hardware store for new safety glasses. Spoon continued on, he didn't want to get caught in the heat.

I went on over to McDonald's. That's not a typical stop of mine, but when touring I will eat about anything. Not Chef-Boy-R-Dee straight from the can. I have to have some standards. I did score a free smoothie and used their Wi-Fi.

Cal called to see where I was. I was way behind he said. It was only 8 AM! What were we going to do with the day? I assured him I was just fine, don't worry about me.

Jacinto was doing the country route. I had to admit to laziness, or perhaps it was that way deep down I knew we'd be having some big climbing days and I wanted to save my legs. I took boring Hwy 50 also. Zippity, zip and I was at the motel at 10 AM. What a laugh. What WERE we going to do?

Montrose was the biggest town on our route, there were certainly options. So, what did we do with our day? First we hung out at the Arby's next door, waiting to get in our rooms. Then we all took naps and did nothing at all until dinner time! I guess we didn't really need the amenities of a big town.

Cal, Jacinto, CR, and I went and scouted out the bike path to help us get out of town in the morning. Then we ate at the Red Barn near our motel. Personally, I was disappointed. Growing up, the Red Barn was 'the' place to eat for special occasions. True, it was still expensive. But I thought the food was very medium in quality. Jacinto was quite taken with the fresh horseradish - it was an unwelcome surprise - the fumes going straight up his nose!

We agreed to another very early start. It would be an all uphill day tomorrow, with only a short respite from the downhill of Dallas Divide. The threat of afternoon rain was an added incentive to get out the door.

Jacinto chose to take back roads the entire distance - he arrived happy in the heat of the afternoon. It can never be too hot for Jacinto to ride. He's the original lizard.
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Today's ride: 38 miles (61 km)
Total: 205 miles (330 km)

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