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August 9, 2015

Ridin' in the rain: Jussac to Salers

Old hotels are among my favorite places to spend a night, but not the hotel in Jussac. I was in a room witch was situated between two staircases, which meant that every time sombody went up to their room or down to the bar or lobby, I heard them. And there was probably no soundproofing. I've been in old hotels where the walls are so thick they muffle everything, but not here. So I did not get a good night's sleep. This was not helped by the other two cyclists who left very early, and of course clomped up and down in their cleats. They also had the room directly over mine, so,I heard them as they packed up, with a lot of to-ing and fro-ing on my ceiling. Sigh. So I got up to find that the hotel was not ready for breakfast at the advertised time of 8:00, but was a half hour late. I ate and left in a drizzle, which also did not help my mood.

The climbing began almost at once, but nothing major. It was up and down for about 20 kilometers, then a right turn on a nice, easy-rising road to Salers. This is what I would call a must see town, and I wanted to take my time seeing it, so I booked myself into the Hotel des Remparts. What a change from the previous night!

The View from my window.
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The hotel
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I had a light lunch, salad again, and took a short nap. By the time I awoke, the rain had stopped, and it was time to see the town.

Salers is a collection of 16th and 17th century buildings, for the most part. This is the place in the center of town, where the tourist office is.
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The are a lot of so-called artists shops, really just craftspeople making stuff to sell to tourists. This is outside one of the shops.
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It's popular destination for cyclotourists. I met a group from Condat who were out on a weekend tour.
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Cat showing his opinion of the tourists passing by.
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Stone roof.
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A guitarist was playing Renaissance and baroque music in the central square.
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Stone mullioned window with leaded glass.
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Salers is really high above the surrounding valleys.
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Dinner was sausage (again) and cheese and potatoes (again). The potato dish is called truffade, and instead of mashed potatoes it has sliced ones. Very good, though I must say I'm getting tired of sausage and spuds, but that seems to the local cuisine. At least there's the cheese.

Today's ride: 32 km (20 miles)
Total: 1,064 km (661 miles)

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