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A Leisurely Spring Tour in the Netherlands

Bicycles and Bricks, Water and Wind

By Eva Walters & Al Walters
680 km (422 miles) over 32 days between Apr. 9, 2012 and May 10, 2012
Introduction heart 1
Vancouver to Amsterdam: April 9 to 13 heart 7

UTRECHT (province)

Amsterdam to Utrecht: a surprisingly rural ride heart 1
Around and above Utrecht: no cycling heart 6


Utrecht to Gouda: wetlands and baby waterfowl heart 5
Around Gouda: too cold to cycle heart 3
Gouda to Delft: and a library visit heart 6
Delft to Leiden: via den Haag, the beach and tulip fields heart 9
Around Leiden and bus to Keukenhof: no cycling and a plethora of flowers heart 9


Leiden to Haarlem: first rain while cycling heart 6
Haarlem to Edam: floats, a ferry and windmills heart 8
Edam to Alkmaar: not in top form heart 2
Alkmaar to Hoorn: a short ride today heart 9
Hoorn to Enkhuizen: along the dike heart 2
Around Enkhuizen: a day at the Zuiderzeemuseum heart 6


Enkhuizen to Sneek: via ferry to Stavoren heart 2
Sneek to Harlingen: into the wind heart 2
Harlingen to Dokkum: a very hard day heart 2
Dokkum to Leeuwarden: a ride too short heart 3
Around Leeuwarden: a visit to the Ceramics Museum heart 2


Leeuwarden to Deventer: by train heart 2


Deventer to Hoenderloo: over the river and through the woods heart 2
A day in the park: Hoge Veluwe on white bikes heart 4
Hoenderloo to Nijmegen: Liberation Day heart 2
Around Nijmegen: bicycles and Roman artifacts heart 2

NORTH HOLLAND (back to Amsterdam)

Nijmegen to Amsterdam: by train heart 3
Around Amsterdam, no cycling: more museums heart 2
May 9--Last day in Amsterdam: May 10--Homeward bound heart 2
Thoughts and Conclusions heart 1