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October 28, 2019


Lazing about in Cinciano

I’m choosing to interpret the little vignette that follows as a demonstration of how relaxed and ‘in the moment’ we are.

 Yesterday morning as we were getting ready to pedal off from the monestary, I glanced at my watch and was surprised that it was a quarter to 10. How did we manage to phaff around that long? Kirsten pulled out her phone, today’s watch, and rightly corrected me that it was only 8:40. Ok, the battery must be going on my watch. I reset it and made a note to check it later to see if it was keeping time. Fast forward to the evening when we are admiring the amazing Tuscan sunset from the terrace at Cinciano. It dawns on us that the sun is setting much earlier than it did yesterday. Interesting. Yes we’re further south and winter is coming. That must explain it.

At about 9 pm Kirsten gets a text from her sister who’s in London asking if our time changed in Italy too.

You know that blank look of profound ignorance. If you took a picture of us just then, that would be the look.

We decided that for us, time didn’t matter (rather than accept that we were complete numpties) and that’s the approach we took to today.

We got up when we woke up. Foggy, so no need to rush about taking pictures and other such nonsense. A leisurely breakfast and a stroll through the olive groves  rounded out the next few hours.

Our only ‘appointment’ was a lunch date with a family friend from Calgary. In a ‘small world’ coincidence, Katelyn Genoud who’s in grad school at Trinity college Dublin, was in Florence with another friend and they were on their way to Siena. Cinciano is about 3 km off that path so they dropped by for light lunch. It was very nice to get together in such a unique way.

After lunch it was back to domestic duties, journal updates, some forward route planning, and resting up for dinner.

We really appreciated a day like today!

Very few pics... mostly of us eating. Pics of napping or tapping away on a keyboard just aren’t that exciting.

Back to peddling south again tomorrow, and we’ll be thankful for the r&r we had today.

Song of the Day, Smooth by Santana and Rob Thomas,  because today was!

Katelyn and her friend Sian paying us an welcome but unplanned visit for lunch!
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.... and the requisite Roman fountain shot!
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Kirsten’s delicious salt roast veggie starter at dinner
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My roe deer pate with leeks and ricotta
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We hoovered up our seconds before we even thought of pics... this was a risotto carbonara....
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Karin KaarsooAfter photos - could be a new instagram trend!
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3 weeks ago
Lyle McLeodLet’s you use your imagination!
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3 weeks ago
.... and this was pasta with chanterelles and black cabbage.. both excellent
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And we both had Chianti braised short ribs with chard ... superb
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... and to make us even happier about where we are right now ... the weather at home.... ouch!
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...., and the weather here! Yeah!
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... and a final sign- off from the wonderful Tuscan hamlet of Cinciano
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Scott AndersonYou’re right! We did do better with the time change. All Rachael’s doing. On my own, I’d have been surprised too.
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3 weeks ago