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October 9, 2019

The Slow Drip

Wolnzach to Wehringen

If I had a Dictaphone (now that's going waaay back) as I was riding along, this blog would be filled with all sorts of witty comments and observations, probably riviling Oscar Wilde in literarey quality.

But I don't, and I'm usually writing this after having just filled my belly with a lot of food and beer. All the insight and witt has long been forgotten. That would be tonight.

So, what happened today. 

We did get an early start, for us. We were pedaling away from the slightly quirky but very good Hotel Hallertau just after 9. As the weather forecast didn't fill us with a lot of sunny optimism, we were decked out in full rain gear, but there was just intermittent drizzel to deal with in the morning.

This is a really nice cycling area but weather has an overwhelming impact on your expereince. Two years ago, this was paradise. Sunny skies, warm temps and the same perfect bike infrastucture and beautiful rolling countryside. Today, replace sun with drizzle, turning to rain; and warm to  cool to cold temps. At least the wind held off until late in the day!

I managed to get a few pics snapped in the morning, and at around noon we pulled into Altomunster, with half our daily distance done.  We found a VN restaurant, had a  hot bowl of Pho and gave our legs a rest. Then we pedaled off, in the rain.

I realise that this can come off as a big Debbie Downer, and that's not the case. We actually had a pretty good day and were in good spirits during the day, trading jokes back and forth about the rain dripping off each other's noses.

Our Pension in Wehringen turned out to be be a very pleasent surprise too. We had zero expecations for the place but it's a very comfortable and new apartment that's furnished very nicely. The only restaurant in the village, a Turkish place 50 m away from the pension was great too. Basic but tasty and filling. With beer.

Song of the Day, The Curse by Agnes Obel, a great if somewhat unheralded Danish artist. Very spare compositions but each note is perfect. 

As the rain was dripping off our noses today, many many songs were going through my head. The cliche 'rain' songs, the let's change the subject and be optimistic 'sun' songs, the rage at the world songs, and more. Then this evening as we're loading up pics and writing this drivel with tunes playing in the background, this came on. 

Yes, confront the issue head on. 

"The curse ruled from the underground down by the shore

And their hope grew with a hunger to live unlike before"

Yes dammit, we want some sun, and soon!

But until then, we'll just pedal on. Tomorrow we hit the Alps!

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Lots of horses today ... and not a single cow. We are quite close to Munich and we rode past several livery stables ... must be a large horsey set in Munich
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I didn't get a good close up of the hop trellis' yesterday, so here's one now. When the hops are harvested in September, they reach to the top of the trellis', looking like very skinny evergreen trees. We saw them being harested on our 2017 trip
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It's Canadian Thanksgiving this coming Monday. This is as close as we are probably going to get to having Turkey!
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Horses, Turkeys and now Deer being raised domestically. I presume these will likley end up on the table.
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When we came through Phaffenhofen an der Ilm there was a kids' playground in a park we were riding through. Kirsten commented that it looked like a nice set up but that they 'didn't have a Beaver!' - in reference to a playground we saw this summer in Revelstoke B.C. As she turned to look on the other side of the bike path ... le voila!
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Karin KaarsooWere there any other sculptures? Or just the beaver?
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1 month ago
Lyle McLeodJust the beaver
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1 month ago
It was a very good ride today ... except for the weather. Very beautiful rolling farmland with perfect roads and bike paths. When we were in this area in 2017 at the same time of year it was sunny and around 20 c. It was cycling bliss. This trip, with rain and 12 c, not so much! It all depends on the weather. The weather forecast was very accurate. This pic was taken at about 11:45. We stopped for lunch (hot bowl of pho at a VN place) at 12:30 when the rain was forecast to start (hard). It did. No pics after this!
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This has been the typical visual on yr. no for the last week 😓
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Very nice apartment in Pension am Kirchberg
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Another one done
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Today's ride: 97 km (60 miles)
Total: 1,393 km (865 miles)

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