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October 3, 2019

Our Hundred Foot Journey

Litomerice to Prague

Early October should be offseason for Central Europe. However, I don’t think that concept exists for Prague anymore.

This place is still heaving with tourists and our four legs and wheels just added to the masses!

A shorter day as we decided to leave the meandering river valley and take a more direct route into Prague. We were largely still on bike routes, however they were along rural roads with little or no traffic. 

As we got closer, the tell tale signs of a big city became apparent. Increased traffic, less ‘space’ between towns, big box stores and shopping places. Even with all this though the ride into the city was pretty straight forward.

We had booked a cheapish hotel (and nothing is truly cheap here) that’s part of an active micro brewery in the old town. Negotiating our way to it through the literally hoards of tourists and essentially stationary car traffic took a bit of doing but we got there.

We were met by very friendly staff and offered our complimentary welcome beer 🍻! Dik! (Thanks in Czech).

We realized that if we wanted to eat tonight we should book something otherwise we’d look like those sorry folks that we make fun of all the time. You know, tired, hungry, looking through the windows into all the full restaurants.

With the help of M Michelin we got a table at a place about 250 m from our hotel. 

We had enough time before dinner to have a bit of a wander around, and I have to say, I can understand why all the folks are here. It is outstandingly beautiful.

For us, the typically ill-prepared and researched tourist, every corner we turned had another beautiful view, and by this time the crowds had abated somewhat and we had the beautiful night-light in the old town. 

Dinner was simply outstanding. We didn’t do a lot of research on the place before booking (it’s really close and has a Michelin knife & fork... book it!) and it turned out to be a very refined, and busy place that mixes traditional Czech and Indian cuisine. And it works. Perfectly!

For the movie buffs out there, this also gives rise to today’s title, a nod to the very good movie ‘The Hundred Foot Journey ’

Two nights in Czechia and two great dinners. You’re knocking the socks off Croatia!

That’s all for now. A day off to check this place out with all of the Vikings and other folks.

Song of the Day, Big Leagues by Tom Cochrane

"you might not be here tomorrow so you have to live it to your fullest, as cliched as that sounds - Tom Cochrane".  

Sure thing Tom, we're doing our part.

Another ear worm song for me over the last few days, ever since we saw all the Black Hawk fans in Berlin. Interesting bit of trivia, the Czech Republic has a significantly higher number of hockey players per capital than Canada does (it's either number 1 or 2 with Finland). When we rode into Prague today, the Black Hawks and Philly Flyers were playing their NHL season opener here tomorrow night. Lots of folks wearing Hawks and Flyers jerseys - among the throngs of other tourists.

Tom's from Lynn Lake Manitoba, and one of the best lines I've ever heard, from an aging Winnipeg rocker, was ' there's only two ways out of Manitoba, hockey or rock & roll" ... we've got that combo here.

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Starting the day, in the rain..., in Litomerice. Interesting hotel, a few check-in hiccups and a bit dated (think eastern block) but the staff was friendly
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Still riding along the Elbe south of Litomerice
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We cut off out of the river valley, steep climb, to rolling farmland. This was the first traffic jam we had today
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very cool white water kayak course built alongside the river
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First sighting pf Prague coming in from the north
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Nice little ferry with pedestrian and bike traffic
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Hotel with working radiators = laundry night! Cycle touring is not all idyllic sweeping downhills and charming restaurants at night
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Stepping out of the hotel into the streets of Prague we first encounter this
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Then the beautiful Opera house ...
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.... then we spot this lovely church down another street. We start walking towards it ...
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... and like the Griswalds, stumble into the main Old Town Square ... stunning, and for the most part empty ... this won't happen again
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The Old City Hall with the Astronomical clock on the left side. The tower is the highest point in the Old Town. That's for tomorrow
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More of the main square, statues and amazing Baroque buildings
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Out for an amazing dinner at V Zatisi, a Czech / Indian mash-up. Not really fair to call it a mash-up, it was a very refined and elegant place (but they still let us in). Excellent all round, food, wine, service and ambiance.
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One of my courses - wild Venison (we saw some deer during our ride today) with a pumpkin pave and mushrooms ... yuuuum
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.... and looking tremendously fashionable. Our welcome drinks at U Medvidku , brewed on-site and very tasty. Even with the Mongol hoards teeming on the streets, we like Prague
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Today's ride: 73 km (45 miles)
Total: 936 km (581 miles)

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