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September 21, 2019

Day Tripping to Nimis and Kullens

A day out with Andres and Elin

We spent the day hiking around with Andres and Elin by the Kullens peninsula lighthouse and at to see the art works by Lars Vilks (link to Wikipedia) Mimis and Arx on a nearby rocky beach in the Kullaburg Nature Reserve

Very cool and Vilks seems to be a pretty interesting and somewhat controversial character. Pics below on both of the artworks / installations, and as the saying goes, a pic's worth a thousand words. This is true in spades for these work. Although they are listed artworks, they are a very popular tourist draw (duh ... we were there!) and function more as a giant and somewhat dystopian, or some might think whimsical, your choice, playground.

Anyway, that was us today. Refreshing hike in forests and by the sea, great company and unique sights. To top it off , the clouds cleared off and we had a glorious sunny evening.

Many many thanks to Andres, Arcelly Magnus and Elin for putting us up and being a tremendous help in getting organised for our trip. Tomorrow we ride! The plan is to take the train back to Copenhagen (can't ride over the Oresund bridge / tunnel) and start pedaling along the BKO (Berlin Copenhagen) cycle-way.

Song of the Day,  Shine by Collective Soul

Seems like a great song to set the stage for the trip ... and heaven did 'let the light shine down'  on us today,

Historic farm house at Kullaburg on the way to Nimis
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Very cool fungi!
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Image not found :(
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'Enterin' Nimis from the steep banks above
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Would this pass any HSE inspection? Not a chance but it didn't get in the way of folks enjoying it
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More of Nimis
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...and some more
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Art you can play on! Elin on her way up one of the towers
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... and at the top
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View from the beach
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And not to be forgotten , Arx. Looks like an abandoned crofters house, but it's not
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My artistic photo take on an artwork
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Sun starting to poke through the clouds at the Kullen point lighthouse
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... and the said Lighthouse
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The happy wanderers
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Same pics as this morning but under clear skies. The Swedish side of the Oresund bridge
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And the Turning Torso against a clear blue sky. Very impressive
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Ron SuchanekGreat song choice! And I'll second Scott's welcome to Cycleblaze. My wife and I rode the Lewis and Clark/Transamerica last year, our first big tour, and we're worried that journaling would be annoying and difficult. But it turns out we liked it, and blogging on Cycleblaze is very easy on a smartphone. I'm just getting started on your journal but look forward to catching up.
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