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September 22, 2019

Cykel er Konge

Copenhagen to Præsto

We got a pretty early start from Andres’ place and rode the 2.5 km to Malmo central station. As we were riding along through light Sunday morning traffic we noticed that all the traffic lights were synchronized.

For bikes.

Sweet! Great timing when we got to the station, the next train for Copenhagen central was leaving in 5 minutes. This turned out to be lots of time.

We were comfortably on the platform when the train came rolling in. We saw the ‘bicycle’ car and moved along the platform so we were right alongside it when the train stopped. A few folks got off in Malmo and then we rolled our bikes on at a level entrance and looked down the car to see where we could put the bikes. 

That’s when we encountered our first problem. Nearly all of the fold down seats along the side of the car were occupied by gormless folks with their faces pressed up against phone screens and there was not a bike in site, and really no where to put our bikes.

As we were contemplating what to do, the train conductor, Greta Seriousson entered the car and quite loudly and very assertively said to all the gormless folks“This car is for bikes. You have to move. There are seats in the next car”.

These folks know not to mess with Greta. They weren’t asked to move, they were told to move. 

And move they did.

Now there was lots of room for the Tout’s and us. Very sweet!!

Soon we were in Copenhagen central and ready to start our ride.

As I write this, I’m lying in out tent in Præsto with no internet. I’ll post more verbiage, maps and pics sometime tomorrow. Overall it was a wonderful day with very nice cycling through the genteel Danish countryside .

Song of the Day , Until We Get There by Lucius

...and There will be where ever we end up many days from now.

Today's riding was a perfect start to the trip. Easy riding out of Copenhagen with a few detours as we realized we had NO cash and needed to find an ATM. A little backtracking to a business district and the problem was solved. Tee rest of the day was carefree cruising on bike paths or deserted roads through the Danish countryside. 

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Time to leave Malmo. Thanks Andres, Arcelly & Elin
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Arcelly HerreraIt has been a pleasure sharing time with you two. You are wonderful people and an incredible couple. Enjoy this nice trip very much!
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1 month ago
Lots of room in the Bike car. Thanks Greta!!
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Trying to find an ATM in a 'new' part of Copenhagen. We were supposed to be on the elevated bike route behind Kirsten. Even with GPS it can be difficult to navigate the bike routes. This is definitely a first world problem
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Looking North towards 'old Copenhagen'. He curuch on the right with the Spiral steeple is one of K's and my fav's . Unfortunately no time to check it out on this trip!
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Another shot along the canal looking north. It was a beautiful morning, clear, calm and just a little crisp
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Well outside Copenhagen now and cruising through farmland
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Traditional Danish lunch in Koge. Sitting outside in the sun beside the docks at Jennsen’s Dockside
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Although most of today's ride was on dedicated bike paths, we were on roads a few times. Note the heavy traffic! This was the norm, not the exception
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Most of the old farm houses had thatched roofs, all in excellent condition
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More carefree riding through perfectly tended farmland
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Day one done !
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Kim BorhenYou both look great! Cheers. Looking forward to my daily bike fix from the blog.
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1 month ago
Lyle McLeodThanks Kim. Kirsten’s looking pretty flash in her brand new Gore Wear jacket. It arrived via Amazon two days before we left.
Not only looks flash but works great too. Full on test yesterday as it drizzled all day and then we got dumped on riding into Berlin.
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1 month ago

Today's ride: 102 km (63 miles)
Total: 102 km (63 miles)

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Rachael AndersonSounds like great cycling country. Great story about the train and Greta!
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1 month ago
Lyle McLeodThanks Rachel. Sweden and Denmark are both great for cycling .... just hard to get a cup of coffee early in the morning!
Hope your Spain trip is going great.
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1 month ago