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September 30, 2019

And The Wind Cried Mary ...

Berlin to Schonewalde

Where's Schonewalde? 

Roughly half way between Berlin and Dresden. That's why were here. Today was another one of those 'gotta get somewhere days' that are part of cycle touring.

Most sane people would have looked outside when they got up, went back to bed, and dreamily planned a nice inside activity. Catch up your reading, bake a cake or some cookies, finish that woodworking project that's been sitting around.

Yes, it was raining, again, this morning. To make it even better, the wind was howling from the west. Consistent 35 km/hr with gusts from 50 -70 km/hr. 

At least we were going mainly south.

Kirsten commented today that some of our friends are on bike trips in various parts of the world right now and are making Facebook posts of sunny skies in rolling hillside country, sipping wine or cappuccino's. She then noted that none of them ever express interest in joining us on  our tours!

That pretty much sums up the day. Easy exit from Berlin on quiet roads and bike paths (with some single track for a few km's near the outskirts of Berlin). Once into the country side it was largely very good paved bike paths beside mostly quiet country roads. We would have been very happy riding on the roads but if we have the paths, we'll use them.

About the only excitement today was a flat on Kirsten's rear (tire) just after we left Berlin(very sharp rock shard). At that point we were headed directly west, into the wind, and it was raining pretty hard too. Great! We did a very quick pit crew change and were back riding within 15-20 minutes! As payback for our efficient non-grumbling work, the rain stopped and the sky, very gradually started to clear. By the time we got to Schonewald there was actually some blue sky. The wind? No change. Still howling from the west. Had we'd been travelling into for most of the day we would still be out there pedaling.

That's pretty much it. Pleasant but largely flat agricultural countryside with non descript country towns. Nice hotel with friendly and helpful staff. Once again there are only a couple of other people here but it is a very normal experience. 

Onward to Dresden! Photo captions to come later .. we have to pedal now.

Song of the Day, Rapture by Blondie. Another all day ear--worm - no listening to tunes while riding today. Would not have heard a thing over the wind noise! The NYT had a Sunday edition article / interview with Debbie Harry - she's 74 now! Man we're getting old! Great read and I've had Blondie tunes in my head all day - this ones great. No other reason than that! Probably fooled you with today's title --- Jimmy will have to wait.

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Glenn and Lynn from Chicago. They're the folks with the Hawks sweaters in yesterday's pic. They're on their way to Prague to take in the season opener against the Flyers. We'll be in Prague at the same time. We might meet again!
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Karin KaarsooWho are these people?
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1 month ago
Lyle McLeodTo Karin KaarsooThe Black Hawk fans we met yesterday, Glen & Liz from Chicago.
I guess I need to put some captions on the pics.only so many hours in a day,and this one’s almost done Prague and just back from a superb dinner
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1 month ago
A little single track leaving Berlin. Although it was raining, the soil was very sandy and it actually made for good riding
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Some of the day was like this.... nice paved bike paths through forests. Relatively calm and good riding when we had this
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The key question for this pic is: If Kirsten wasn't in it on her bike, which would be the bike path and which would be the road?? The bike path is in better shape than the road. this is not an uncommon occurrence. Re the windmills in the back ... i need to take a video so you can see how fast they are moving!
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... and ALL of these guys are moving fast too.
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... very up close and personal with the windmills
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and the rain clouds kept chasing us!
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Day done ... cheers!
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Today's ride: 104 km (65 miles)
Total: 620 km (385 miles)

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Rachael AndersonYou guys are really tough!
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