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October 1, 2019

A Pareto Day

Schonewald to Dresden

The Pareto Principle, simply put, is the rule of thumb that 80% of the benefit of something is derived from 20% of the effort.

When looking at the distances we traveled today, it is spot on.

Our first 100 km today was the same as the last few days. Flat fields of potatoes or recently harvested grain .... and windmills. Great cycle infrastructure, just placed in a boring place to ride.

Our last 25 km's were through the Elbe valley where it narrows with steep sandstone cliffs on both sides of the river, grape vines clinging to the steep slopes. This was great riding.

Oh, and the windmill reference, they were working hard again today. I thought about naming today 'All Day Uphill". Although it wasn't blowing as hard as yesterday, about 25 km.hr today vs ~35 -40 yesterday, it was coming from the SW, and we were basically traveling S or SW for the first 100 km's. It was a long slow day.

Unfortunately we arrived in Dresden late in the day. This is our first time here and it looks absolutely beautiful. This seems even more amazing given that the city was virtually  razed by firebombs in 1945 during WWII and over 25,000 people were killed (some estimates claim far more). Hopefully we have some time to poke around tomorrow before we continue south into the Czech Republic.

On the bright side, it didn't rain today!

Song of the Day, Storm Boy by Xavier Rudd.

Listening to tunes as I'm typing away tonight. Didn't get much opportunity today to listen to anything, or even think of anything. It was just grinding out km's into a headwind. Sitting here, with a full belly and about to go to bed, when I heard these lines ... 

Through those rainy days and those rocky roads
And now everybody smiles in the setting sun
And smiles with contentment when the day is done
Hand in hand
With the one you love
Feeling blessed by the magic of the moon above

.... that made song of the day. We are content and the day is done.

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More of the flat land riding today. Most of the excitement came from avoiding the considerable debris on the paths from the wind over the last few days. This particular bit looked like it was 'rideable'!
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.... and it was!
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I made it through too
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so after 100 km's of all day uphill into a 25 km/hr headwind, we were in the Elbe valley approaching Dresden. The scenery started to get interesting
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I think this is part of the area referred to as the Saxony Alps ... not that high, but steep walled cliffs with vineyards right up to their base. Nice!
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Impressive Schloss (castle) along the Elbe at Meissen, about 25 km north west of Dresden
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Entering Dresden just as the sun is starting to set. Impressive job of rebuilding
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Night shot of the square and the Frauenkirche
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Night view of the main old square
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... our Buddy Martin who we last saw in the Berliner Dom, lording it over the congregation
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We are staying in an apartment just down the street on the right ... great location
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The end of another day
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Today's ride: 124 km (77 miles)
Total: 744 km (462 miles)

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Rachael AndersonAnother tough day. You guys rock! We are both dealing with colds but are finally getting to good cycling country. We were in Portugal and encountered either cobblestones, steep climbing or traffic or all three.
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1 month ago
Lyle McLeodTo Rachael AndersonRachael,
Thanks for the ind words and thoughts. We are now in Prague and the ride from Dresden to here is fabulous. It’s still racing on us a bit everyday but that’s all part of the deal. Also what gore-Tex is for.
Hope you two are having a great time in Spain/Portugal
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1 month ago