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I suppose I should write something to bookend this tour, since I've done it for all the previous tours.  But I'm having trouble figuring out anything new to add.

The bike performed well, although we had a rattle in the rear hub for the last 3 days of riding.  When we got home, my friend Dave and I broke down the rear hub and found that one of the wheel bearings was loose in the hub.  According to Dave, that shouldn't happen!   We've attempted a fix that seems to be working, but whether it will work under loaded touring conditions remains to be seen.

All of our other equipment performed flawlessly. 

We ourselves didn't do so bad either!  Over the pandemic shutdown, we've managed to lose about 40 pounds of body weight between us, and the benefits of being lighter were really obvious.

Our major feeling at the end of the ride was disappointment that it was over.  I'm already planning our next ride for the second half of September.

If you've followed this journal, we'd like to thank you!  We hope our modest tours inspire other non-athletes to take up this amazing form of travel.

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Eva WaltersThanks Rich. You've inspired us to write up our 2017 trip to the Loire.
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2 years ago
Suzanne GibsonThanks for the write-up! I thoroughly enjoyed it. I don't have to be convinced to take up touring, but I certainly have been motivated to plan some cycling in France next year. To my experience France has the best infrastructure of small roads with little traffic in all of Europe.
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2 years ago