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June 21, 2015

Things for small minds to ponder

There are things I just don't think about, like ants. Well, I think about ants when I camp, because I HATE ant bites, which I get sometimes when I camp. Still, for the most part they are out of sight out of mind.

So when I was slogging up a rock strewn hill that forced me to push instead of ride, I noticed these ants trying to pull some big damn thing inside their hole. The first thing I thought is, "what a bunch of idiots, there is no way that big thing is gunna fit through that tiny hole. I wonder who the foreman is for this operation? He's gunna get his assed kicked for this fowl up."

Except I stopped pushing the bike and watched a while longer and they started pushing The Thing out, and I noticed The Thing was a kind of seed that had a pod in the middle and some of the ants from inside the hole had dislodged the smaller pod from the bigger shell. Apparently the smaller pod fit, and they were using it for food. Then another crew started moving the shell away from the hole, I assumed to tidy things up.

All this is going on in one little ant hill, and I must have passed 1000's of ant hills in this ride alone. So that's probably a billion ant hills in the world. And that is just one type of insect...

There sure are a lot of things going on in the world that humans know nothing about.

That big thing ain't gunna fit, you idiots!
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Oh, wait. There is something inside the big thing.
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Tidying up
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Time for the next pod
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