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September 4, 2014

Tacoma to Alder Lake

Marty, Mike, Ashley and chickens
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First United Methodist Church, Tacoma
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International Peace Pole - I built and installed the pole some years earlier.
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Back in the day I could ride from Tacoma to the Cougar Rock campground inside Rainier National Park well within a day.  I’m pretty certain it is beyond my one day reach these days, but no matter on this day I had places to stop along the way.  My old church which was and is still a center of radical Christian peace activistism.  Across the alley from the Church is the Tai Chi and Qigong Wellness Center where I studied and taught tai chi chuan for many years.  Jean’s House and the Guadalupe Center where the 80+ year old radical Jesuit street priest, who married MJ and I, now lives.  Father Bix is as close to a living saint who truly lives the gospel of peace and justice as anyone could ever hope to meet.  He has spent at least five of the last 20+ years in federal prison for expressing his passion for peace and justice - always nonviolently. Simply put this was not a time for fast riding to a destination.

When my stops were finished, I rode straight out Pacific Avenue, which becomes Hwy 7.  Google Maps has a bike route to Mount Rainier, which gets on some different side roads.  But I never looked at a map.  The route on the journal map is the one I have always taken. I camped at Alder Lake Campground. 

Lots of friendly folks tending to their  motorized water crafts. Not too quiet but clean with a view of the lake.

Today's ride: 84 km (52 miles)
Total: 699 km (434 miles)

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