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April 17, 2017

Day 2: Too sick to ride

Last night I knew I would be in no condition to go anywhere today. I felt terrible even after sleeping 15 hours. I paid for one more night in the hotel and stayed in the room most of the day.

The part of Kingsland near I-95 is a sea of chain motels and chain restaurants. I counted 12 motels. For lunch I walked 100 feet from the motel to Denny's. For dinner I walked 1/4 mile to a barbecue shack for dinner. Much better. I've been looking forward to the barbecue. I had an excellent pulled pork (pig butt) dinner. Like many barbecue joints, it's a take-out place with no indoor seating.

Walk-up barbeque joint in Kinglsand, GA. Note the big smokers on the left. Yes, I had pig butt (pulled pork).
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Kingsland is a relatively new and dreary gateway town to the Kings Bay naval base. I did some research about the little-known base. It hurriedly opened in 1979 after Portugal expelled the U.S. Atlantic fleet of ballistic missile submarines. Kings Bay is home port to 6 Trident ballistic missile submarines and 2 Tomahawk guided missile submarines. The base creates thousands of local jobs.

Kings Bay is the first of several Navy and Marine Corps bases I will pass during this tour. But Kings Bay stands out as the only base with a fleet capable of destroying the planet at a moment's notice. The START treaty limits the number somewhat, but those 6 Trident submarines can carry more than 2000 nuclear warheads! Politicians, military leaders and contractors talk about this craziness with sane-sounding words such as deterrence and nuclear triad. They never use the accurate phrase mutually assured destruction.

Today had blue sky all day. Once again the humidity dropped to 45% in late afternoon. It would have been a good day for cycling.

The cold is still getting worse, not better. But I caught up on sleep and had a good rest. I plan to pedal tomorrow.

Distance: 0 mi.

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