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September 27, 2017

Off to Canada: Home Sweet Home

I am on my home from a month of great cycling with good friends. It started in Varese Italy and moved on to the Belvedere in Riccione Italy. We had 2 great weeks with my good friends from NZ and BC. At the Belvedere we had more of the Sisters of No Mercy, some husbands and cousins join us for a great week of cycling and good fun, including celebrating my 65th birthday. Thanks again to all who helped me with this great birthday celebration and again best wishes to all who are celebrating a special birthday this year. After Italy Patti and I went to Girona Spain for more cycling and sightseeing. It was fun to live the European lifestyle for a week+ including some good rides despite the GPS challenges. If you love to ride Girona Spain is a great place to do it. A special thanks to Patti for doing all of the driving in Spain but mostly for putting up with all of my idiosyncrasies for a month. Lastly thanks to all who have followed along with my journey it makes writing the blog worthwhile knowing that my friends and family are actually reading it. It is fun to go away and see the world but it is equally, if not more fun to go HOME. I can't wait to spend some quality time with my furry BFF Mr Darcy. Until the next adventure.

In the BCN lounge waiting for my first of 3 flights to get home. I can't wait to get a big slobbery face wash from my BFF, Darcy.
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