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August 4, 2017

Day 4 - Pinehurst to somewhere past Murray

Yesterday Billy adjusted his seat, moving it up a bit higher in hopes of relieving some knee pain he has been experiencing. We both got some good rest as it cooled off nicely last night and the morning found us in good spirits. Departed Pinehurst in the early morning light, back tracking slightly to Enaville where we connected to the road up to Murray and toward Thompson Pass. We knew today was going to be another barn burner so we were looking for a good camping spot well before noon. Filled up with water in Murray and a few miles further we found a nice wild camp spot off the road, complete with 3 chairs and a patio table! Good spot next to the Coeur d'Alene River. Guessing it was a hang out place for locals. Today I saw a moose! That was a first for me. Also, Billy got the first flat tire of the trip and we tried to convince a pizza place to deliver. No dice, we settled for noodles with canned chicken. All in all a good day. Not many miles the past 2 days, but thats ok as the heat needs to be respected. 

Getting up early is never easy for me but well worth it on this trip. The coolness of the morning was heaven, as well as no traffic and better chances for wildlife viewing.
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A Moose! That was a first for this Californian.
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Clown Bike (Billy's Bike Friday) back in action after a front flat.
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Historic Murray
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Stumbled on a nice ad-hoc camping spot, complete with 3 chairs and a table. Was almost civilized.
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Today's ride: 34 miles (55 km)
Total: 162 miles (261 km)

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