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October 4, 2021

Dashing out the Door

Shanghai to Suzhou

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Every year is the well-known National Holiday from Oct 1-7.  This year with the pandemic and recent local case flareups over the summer, it wasn't a surprise that most people were choosing to stay in Shanghai.  Since I tend to do the opposite of what most people do, this would be the time for a short trip.  Ordinarily I avoid trips during this time like the plague because of how crowded places get.  But if the orders were to stay put due to covid, then obviously it would be crowded in Shanghai itself with people doing staycations.  In a word, screw that

The data proved what I suspected to be correct.  As one example, I am part of an active fitness community called F45 which I've posted about before.  Trying to book a class over the holiday in Shanghai was going to be impossible with super-long waiting lists and everyone else thinking the same thing:  stay put and do workouts.

Well no matter then, I would ride a bicycle to Suzhou and do a class at the F45 over there.  That became the theme of a video that I put together and oddly enough, only the trainers seemed to like it.

This made for a nice stop
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The biking itself was super easy and after the class I booked into a nice hotel at the Novotel where my wife and her family would later join this trip by taking the train.

Surprise meet up with a road cyclist club leader who was also doing a 3-day trip the same as me.
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Mark BinghamI never realized that the Gate to the East looks like a giant pair of pants.
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3 months ago
On top of the world
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Class was on fire
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Night view
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Today's ride: 85 km (53 miles)
Total: 85 km (53 miles)

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