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May 12, 2015

This is now

Time has had its way with us a bit over the 20+ years since we wheeled out of DeGaulle for our first European cycling adventure. Such hair as I still have left is graying fast, but I have no complaints - I never really expected to still be biking this strongly by this age anyway, so this all feels like gravy any more. I recall long ago hosting a cross country biker in an earlier incarnation of the Warm Showers program and being stunned to hear that he was 48 years old and still going. That seems really silly and ageist in hindsight; we both passed that number long ago but if anything we seem to be getting stronger over the last few years. We can't be this lucky forever though, and we (I in particular) feel under some pressure to make the most of it while our health and good fortune hold up.

Here's the current look, from our tour around Taiwan last November. Not bad considering, if we do say so ourselves. I suspect we'll feel a bit less smug though by the time we drag ourselves over the final pass next month.

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