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It starts with a train ride

Its 3 Years since my last big cycle tour.  Facebook has been reminding me :-)

The plan is to pick up where I left off.  Catch the train back to Geelong and ride to Sydney via Canberra.  Simple!  Except I soon realised there are some big hills between here and there.  

I've got a new ebike and I've upgraded it to a bigger battery, 625whr, the extra 20% should hopefully see me get into camp without a flat battery.  

I attempted to add a second battery to my new ebike, making short term use of the battery from my old bike.  A nice plan I thought, the bike is built for it.  That is until installation day arrived and my bike frame was found to be to small to fit the second battery. I could honestly have cried when the bike shop rang with the bad news, it felt like the world was telling me my plan was to big, to grand for someone like me. An extra 2 or 3 mm would have made the difference but alas I couldn't shave metal off the bike or plastic off the battery housing.  I did seriously consider carrying a second battery but I didn't what the hassle of keeping it safe in my panniers.  Walking an ebike up hill is all part of the adventure, isn't it.  No seriously I should be ok, just! Gosh I hope that statement it true.

Once again my training hasn't been the wonderful routine I'd planned back at the beginning of the year.   I have been doing weights regularly twice a week and cycling 1-2 times a week to work with the occasional weekend ride.   I must be doing something right. Last weekend we did an overnight test run from Laura to Melrose via the Mawson Trail and returned the next day, along the newly completed Rail Trail.  Total of 120kms with 950m of elevation with no battery recharge.  The battery was flat about 5kms out of Laure, so not bad :-)

On the left, you can just make our Mount Remarkable (Melrose)
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Frank DenmanLooking forward to updates ,your bike looks good packed up xxx
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1 month ago

Is this the beginning of a grand plan to circumnavigate Australia, you ask? Not likely as I'm a true South Aussie kids and can't abide the humidity up north.

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