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September 3, 2021

Ste Maure-Chatellerault

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Ann feels at home here on the Promenade des Acadiens
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Grateful for smooth roads, strong pain relief pills and great weather for tenting. 

We had a solid sleep in the bivouac but woke up hurting.  Probably due to a combination of sleeping on a camp mat and long days of riding with far more weight than we are used to, which should get better over time. 
After a leisurely breakfast and slow packing up,the Tylenol was working and we were on our way by 10:30 am. 

The Eurovelo 3 route is quite different from the Loire in that today we are mostly on roads with cars.  Not as relaxed as being on a dedicated bike path but there’s not much traffic and the good paving makes for pleasant, smooth riding. Plus, there is always a bike lane on the bridges that take us back and forth across the Vienne. The scenery has changed from the vineyards, lovely chateaux, charming touristy towns interspersed with villages in various states of decline.  Here in the Vienne, we ride by large industrial farms growing corn, sunflowers, hops and hay.   Something we’d never seen before were mushroom growing operations in the limestone caves created by quarrying.  The Vienne towns seem more prosperous and busy with local life going about their regular day.

We arrived at our campsite in Chatellerault at 4pm. It was super HOT and heavy with storm clouds rolling in. As there was no restaurant at the campground, Steve made a dash to the grocery store for salads to eat in the tent if it rained.  However the storm blew by, leaving a peaceful, sun-dappled evening to watch the birds  bathing in the river beside us.  Salads along with a chilled white Muscadet, a baguette and a fabulously runny Camembert made for a delicious evening meal.

Just before bed, Steven checked emails and there was a message about the passe sanitaire!  However, instead of the confirmation we had hoped for, it was a form letter saying that the system is overwhelmed with requests, so they have changed the procedure and we will have to re-apply using a different website.  Could it be that a slick web designer has sold the gouvernement on a new system instead of getting more fonctionnaires to process the existing applications?  Our forms are dutifully filled in and dispatched.  In the meantime our Quebec vaccine certificates have been accepted the few times we were asked.

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Today's ride: 47 km (29 miles)
Total: 217 km (135 miles)

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Annabelle O-PLoving the pictures, keep them coming! Wonderful daily updates :)
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