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September 11, 2021

Angouleme to Baignes Ste Radegonde

Grateful for clear weather, rail trails and strong legs to climb the hills.

Saturday morning in Angouleme, we walked uphill one last time to the centre of the old town at Place Marengo to have coffee, juice and croissants at a fancy outdoor patio so we could watch the happenings.  Later we crossed the square to Les Halles, a  beautiful, airy 1996 constructed market building to buy yogurt, cheese, bread, cookies, plums and one more croissant(!) for later snacks and lunch.

Leaving the hotel at 11am we cycled non-stop in the warm sunshine until we climbed yet another hill to a breathtakingly, beautiful picnic spot at the summit near Nonac at 2pm, 30 km into our day.  Over lunch we discussed the difference between rolling hills and undulating hills and whether these are rolling or undulating.  The dictionary meaning of undulating is moving in waves (as in the land is gently undulating). Definitely not "gently" rolling hills.  And well rolling, is just rolling.  Ann suggested that rolling means you are able to fly down the hill and then up the next hill without peddling.  Steve said those hills exist only in Ann's imagination.  Either way we both agreed that the hills we've encountered the last two mornings are neither rolling nor undulating, they were deep valleys to be gleefully coasted 3km down into and then climbed out of for 3km with much exertion and fortitude.  Other, more knowledgeable, bloggers have warned us about the hills on the northern coast of Spain that we will get to in October, so we'll consider today's ride an easy proving ground for Spain.

Blissfully, the last two afternoons have provided us with shaded paved rail trails to finish off our day in the saddle.

At 5:30pm we finally arrived at our peacefully quiet home for the night, almost empty in mid September.  Salad for supper and a good night's sleep.

Les Halles
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Les Halles
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Angouleme City Hall
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Back into wine country
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Kelly MaherNow that brings back wonderful memories! Beautiful!💕
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1 month ago
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Cognac region
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Today's ride: 59 km (37 miles)
Total: 537 km (333 miles)

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Margaret Anne CameronA big day- your writing on the hills gave me great appreciation for your “fortitude”!
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