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September 29, 2015

Day 7: Rest Day

Today I rest in Goodland, Kansas because of the weather, not because of exhaustion. I was up all day (no long naps) with nothing to do and no place to go. Bored and frustrated to take a 2nd rest day after only 5 travel days. I would have visited the Great Plains museum if it wasn't closed on Tuesdays. I turned on the TV for the first time on the tour.

The weather was foggy and much colder with a strong northeast wind. Then rain for several hours. The rain stopped at 1 PM but it was cold, cloudy, and threatening to rain all afternoon. High of 65F (18C). A shocking change from yesterday's mild heat exhaustion.

I didn't pedal at all and didn't walk very far. Lunch at a nearby fast food Mexican place called Reynaldo's. Dinner was Pizza Hut.

In front of my door was a Tesla Model S. Yesterday I noticed the 5 Tesla charging stations at the Hampton Inn next to Steak and Shake. I talked to the owner who lives in North Carolina and has driven the Tesla to California and back several times. He bragged that he can drive across the continent and spend nothing on gasoline.

Goodland has a population of 4500, the biggest town since Guymon, Oklahoma. A major oasis on a desolate section of I-70, with a small college.

The weather forecast says tomorrow will be decent, but then the weather will be much colder and wetter for several days. Strangely, the wind will blow from the south during the cold spell. The tailwind will make the cold weather more tolerable. I wouldn't want to do it with a headwind! I knew cooler weather had to happen sometime because I'm traveling north during early Fall. But it's interesting that the cold weather will start exactly when I cross into Nebraska and when October begins.

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