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September 25, 2015

Day 3: Rest Day

Today is a rest day in Guymon, Oklahoma. I was too tired to move and slept most of the day. In the afternoon I pedaled around town a little bit. Centennial Park has a nice spring fed pond with carp and turtles.

The weather was sunny all day, high of 85F (29C). Nice weather for cycling except that the wind shifted to the northeast. Not very strong, but it would still be a headwind.

Guymon has some oil activity and is a historic oil boom town. But nowadays it seems to be more of a farm town. It has a huge pork slaughterhouse that provides many jobs. The meat packing plant is supplied by feed lots in the area, and the feed lots are supplied by farms in the area. So the meat packing plant has a big multiplier effect on the local economy. Fortunately the town doesn't smell like a feed lot. At least it didn't today.

Guymon has 11,000+ people and is more diverse than the other towns I've seen during this tour, with many blacks and Latinos. The other towns were pretty much all white. Guymon also thinks of itself as a college town because Panhandle State University is 10 miles away in a much smaller town.

The Super 8 motel is next to a truck stop. Many truckers stay at the motel. Outside the motel it's always noisy and stinky because of idling trucks.

I felt miserable in the morning but much better in the evening. The rest day was successful! I didn't really want to take a rest day after only 2 days on the road, but it does fit my plan to rest on days that have an unfavorable wind.

Distance: 2.8 mi. (4.5 km)

Today's ride: 3 miles (5 km)
Total: 168 miles (270 km)

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