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August 24, 2018


We’re at the airport, and boarding for our flight to Dubrovnik is imminent.  We arrived here after dropping by Bruce and Andrea’s to hand over the keys to the Jetta and catching a ride to the nearest MAX station.  We’re glad the Jetta has found a good home and that we can look foreword to stopping by to check in on it when we return to Portland.

 We’ve got an easy flight itinerary with only a single stop in Frankfurt.  We arrive in Dubrovnik about 9 tomorrow night, with a fifty step staircase - probably narrow and steep - awaiting us at our Airbnb.  I’m tired already just thinking about lugging our bike suitcases up to the top.

I was hoping to have more time to complete this post but the connection here is pretty slow and I’m out of time, so you’re stuck with just some pics.  The ones at the top are from a celebratory HAC (Hostile Actors Club) gathering a few days ago when the Grumbys rolled into town.

End of the trail - the Grumbys celebrate their arrival in Portland.
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Hanging out with the HACs. All hail!
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Preparing the celebratory feast
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Some last minute pre-tour training at Gallo Nero: we brush up on our Italian consumption and food photo skills. Rachael is eyeing the neighboring table, wondering if she’ll have room for dessert.
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Last ride. Goodbye, old Paint.
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Ron GrumbyI haven't forgotten my assignment. It will be forthcoming ....
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8 months ago
Free to a good home. Better than a box of kittens!
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Buon viaggio!
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Rolling up to the MAX station, on our way to the airport.
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Eastbound - way east.
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