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Planning away the winter: Route.

Marilynn Swett and I exchanged emails while they were riding my all time favorite Slumgullion Tour. She mentioned they had plans to ride central Colorado. We bounced a few ideas around and came up with a route. The Swetts ended up with a much bigger adventure this summer, so we are riding without them. I do want to give credit where credit is due. Thank you Marilynn!

This will be an interesting mix of roads. Some we have ridden long ago, others not at all. We go through a large town every other day. The off days are in some REALLY small places - try Villa Grove, Hartsel, and Westcliffe. If you run into someone who knows those towns - they are familiar with Colorado!

This central Colorado route covers some out of the way passes that you really have to make an attempt to get to: Hardscrabble, La Veta, and Cucharas.

We ended up with a group of ten riders with two SAG drivers. Isn't that the lap of luxury? I expect future trips will pale in comparison for rider care. Spoon and his crew are well known early birds. They are typically lined up at the edge of the sidewalk, waiting for the sun to rise. The tentative plan is that Jeff, Spoon's son, will sag for that group. Ginny, Tom Newman's wife, will drive a rockin' VW van/SAG that she painted herself. (photo to follow). Ginny will take care of the normal wake up people. Both Jeff and Ginny are experienced SAG drivers, I expect they'll work out rider care between the two of them. I promise not to expect hankies handed to me out the SAG window - but I would like ice, please.

On an early season overnight training ride to Redstone. Mt. Sopris is in the background.
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