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September 2, 2019

The Route

The tentative route I will be following on this tour is Highway 56 from Montezuma to Kinsley, Hwy 50 from Kinsley to Emporia, Old Hwy 50, now a county road, east to John Brown Road, John Brown road east to Osawatamie, south from Osawatamie to Hwy 152, Hwy 152 east to the Missouri border and from there connecting with MO State Hwy 18 to Clinton, MO.  At Clinton, I will get on the Katy Trail and see what all there is to see.  Highways 56 and 50 in Kansas are busy on various stretches, but, for the most part, have nice, wide shoulders.  I prefer to ride on a busy highway with nice wide shoulders (wearing ear plugs) than on a moderately busy highway with no shoulder.

On this kind of trip, especially after Labor Day, not making reservations at motels is a non-issue for me.  When I was on my 2400 mile tour in 2015 in the middle of summer, I never made reservations and I never had a problem getting a room where ever I stopped.  Another thing I do not plan is days off.  I take a day off when I feel like it, especially in the first part of  the tour.   No matter how much I train, I never know if it was enough until the first couple of days on the road.  Even with e-assist, I still have to pedal to activate the motor, so, it is not a free ride.  If I am feeling the effects of the previous day when I get up, I have no qualms about taking a rest day.  My schedule is: I will get there when I arrive.  That is what I like about being schedule is whatever I want, not what some other
person says it is.  

My guesstimate of the distance on this tour is somewhere around 1200 miles round trip.

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