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July 20, 1996

Streator, IL to Gibson City, IL

Corn & soybeans to the horizon

Strong winds directly from the east, so we left the route and went south, rather than waiting until Ohio to do so. Cool today. The Salata's told us of a couple on a bike trip who got up each morning and went whichever way the wind was blowing that day. When their vacation was over, they simply flew home from wherever they were. Sounds good (and easy) but you might end up going to the same place over and over. Called the family at the Fritsch reunion; said they were having perfect weather. I'm glad Kelly and Lisa got to go. We called from a pay phone in Pontiac, IL, and just a few hundred feet away the police were arresting a man. I related this to Kelly over the phone and she said to "get away from there", so I explained he was a poor, skinny, alcoholic vagrant sleeping in someone's car. We later asked the arresting officer for directions and he told us he is a bicycle officer usually, so we talked a bit. We spoke to a young girl outside a mini- mart who is moving to West Virginia. She was excited to talk to us. Whenever I think of Illinois I think of Chicago and big cities, but we've biked through a state of corn and soybean fields stretching to the horizon.

Today's ride: 81 miles (130 km)
Total: 2,724 miles (4,384 km)

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