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July 18, 1996

Muscatine, IA to Kewanee, IL

Leaving the Mississippi behind

Took shelter from rain in a barn in the morning; turned extremely hot and humid - 100 degrees heat index. Winds helped us primarily today, but a few times we had to turn into it- WHEW! Almost impossible! We're starting to check with locals and the road map more often to set our own route to cut down the miles (due to heat).

Illinois River
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A woman pulled up to us outside the restaurant where we ate lunch and invited us to camp in the backyard of their farmhouse. She says they make the invitation all the time to cyclists and some even keep in contact or return. We told her to be on the lookout for Jim and Jean. Kewanee calls itself the "Hog Capital" of the Country. Heard lots of squealing along the route. We heard yesterday of the TWA crash which killed 228. Fearing it was a terrorist attack. A number of counties here in Illinois are flooded. The new seat felt very good. Excruciating headache all afternoon-sun! sinus? Poor young waitress dumped glass of ice cubes down my back!

Today's ride: 80 miles (129 km)
Total: 2,569 miles (4,134 km)

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